A little about me

Hello! I am Raquel, a passionate Make Up artist & Hairdresser with more than 30 years of experience in the fascinating world of beauty and makeup. My journey in this exciting field has led me to collaborate with some of the most recognized brands in the fashion industry, such as Chanel, with whom I have been collaborating for more than two decades, creating innovative and timeless looks.

My dedication and passion for makeup and hairstyling have allowed me to excel in various areas, from photo shoots for fashion editorials to collaborations with celebrities in exclusive events.

Versatility is key in my work, as each project presents unique challenges that I approach with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Over the years, I have accumulated vast experience in creating looks for all skin types and personalities. My goal is to highlight the natural beauty of each individual, using high quality products and innovative techniques that guarantee impeccable results.

Raquel Costales

Raquel Costales Barcelona was created with the aim of bringing together and training international experts in the art of makeup and hairdressing, offering a variety of professionals who defend the idea that enhancing beauty requires creativity, as well as great precision and skill.

Raquel Costales Barcelona has a group of experts carefully selected for their training and experience, and who share the same idea about the need to promote the respect and rigor that this profession deserves.

Its founder, Raquel Costales, has thirty years of experience in the sector, in which she has learned from the hands of extraordinary professionals who have given her the opportunity to train constantly, always placing special emphasis on the care of the technique and the discipline of her work. Her perseverance has been recognized by international publications and brands such as Chanel, with whom she has been collaborating for more than two decades.


Hello! If you have any questions or want to book my services contact me through this website, by mail, what’s Up, and if it is urgent call me. I look forward to working with you.